Toll Free Numbers

We believe you will find the addition of TOLL FREE NUMBERS to be one of the most important and profitable additions you could add to your business.

Whether you are a company with employees or a sole proprietor, you can take advantage of this great program. Even if you have a current toll free number(s), in most cases you could transfer that number(s) to this plan. Let's look at a few examples.

Example I. You are a company with employees in different locations - you can have your toll free number ring to any phone number you wish with just a quick click from your computer. This allows you to be more flexible in how you handle your calls.

Example II. Your are a sole proprietor who is on the job and away from the business phone. You may, or may not want to give out your cell phone to everyone and of course prospective clients would not know that number anyway. Before leaving, simply change your toll free ring to number to your cell phone. It is as simple as that.

Example III. You have a business that does advertising and you want to track how well certain ads do. Obtain one or more additional toll free numbers, which through the extensive reports available, will allow you to track the success of each ad through which numbers are being called - all coming into the same ring to number.

These are just a few of the many examples that can benefit a business.
We are sure you will find one or more ways this program can help your business grow.

Cost is as little as $2 per month with rates as low as 6.9 cents per minute. We believe you will find this plan as beneficial as we have.